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  “Our goal is to assist organizations in preparing for the massive growth to  be realized through dynamic management of their technology expenses”  

DP Access Corporate Overview


Industry History and Future Direction

 Major changes in the technology industry have triggered explosive growth  over recent years. This growth as predicted in a recent AT&T Data  Usage and Virtualization goals report indicates a 250,000 percent  increase in growth by 2020. The industry is realizing a technological  transformation in keeping up with the challenges of how best to manage  these changes and the expenses that go along with them. The challenges  most businesses will continue to face is the increasing demand in  staffing while holding suppliers and vendors to competitive pricing.


DP Access and Corporate History

 Two industry expert entrepreneurs and longtime technology executives had  the vision of providing clients with a combination of services,  management resource tools and the ability to combine all services on a  single invoice. Their research and development found dashboard driven  solutions to better service their customer base. Today, we are finding  many major organizations attempting to duplicate the process. The  dashboard analytics alert businesses to immediate cost increases, track  historic changes, and assist organizations in better managing their  expenditures for future planning.


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