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DP Access Corporate Overview

Our Goal

  “Our goal is to assist organizations in preparing for the massive growth to be realized through dynamic management of their technology expenses”  

Industry History and Future Direction

Major changes in the technology industry have triggered explosive growth over recent years. This growth as predicted in a recent AT&T Data Usage and Virtualization goals report indicates a 250,000 percent increase in growth by 2020. The industry is realizing a technological transformation in keeping up with the challenges of how best to manage these changes and the expenses that go along with them. The challenges most businesses will continue to face is the increasing demand in staffing while holding suppliers and vendors to competitive pricing.   

DP Access and Corporate History

Two industry expert entrepreneurs and longtime technology executives had the vision of providing clients with a combination of services, management resource tools and the ability to combine all services on a single invoice. Their research and development found dashboard driven solutions to better service their customer base. Today, we are finding many major organizations attempting to duplicate the process. The dashboard analytics alert businesses to immediate cost increases, track historic changes, and assist organizations in better managing their expenditures for future planning. 

DP Access Program

Why DP Access?

DP Access was formed to provide the tools and dashboard to view dynamic costs as they relate to voice, data, cable, and other related expenitures.  It has a cloud based backup function allowing organizational management to view their agreements, invoices, and costs on a dashboard stored in a secure enviroment.

DP Access Today!

Today, DP Access empowers business owners with access to a single-source invoicing platform. DP Access proprietary dashboard provides graphical representation of spending, auditing, and invoice access without the complications of overwhelming details or costs affiliated with current manual processes. This allows staff to remain focused on profit-driven tasks while also having the security of knowing they can expand on the details when needed by management. Customers can also utilize highly experienced audit staff for not only audit but trouble reporting and standard orders, moves, adds, changes and deletion (MACD) of services.  

Industry and Product Experience

DP Access has a management team with over 100 years of industry experience.  Utilizing this experience coupled with a 15 year, highly focused, innovative, and evolving process, Consolidated Billing as a Service (CBaaS) is benefiting customers, master agents and agents every day.  This is the foundation of DP Access – allowing its Intellectual property to be used to assist major Channel Partners, Carriers, and customers in this process. The key benefit is providing industry outsourcing of highly tuned cloud software to inform key management personal when increases, decreases, and other financial expenses impact their technology expenditures while keeping control in the hands of Partners and Customers.      

DP Access Services

Consolidated Billing Platform (cBaaS)

Agreements are in place today with AT&T for services under their Partner Exchange Program including Mobility, Internet, MPLS, and Asset tracking. Over the past year, the organization has become a Platinum Solutions Provider with over a million dollar per year in AT&T revenue. In 2017 DP Access was the fastest growing new AT&T partner in the country. It’s ability to enhance AT&T services with the DP Access platform creates a real opportunity for value added growth to AT&T and others. While managing that dramatic growth, DP Access acquired the rights to provide a Consolidated Billing platform (CBaaS)..

Vehicle/Asset Tracking (IoT) Services

There almost 40  billion devices equipped with tracking capabilities planned for tracking in the technology industry today.. A growing number have the proliferation of sensors, GPS units, and cellular modems, the IoT market will significantly contribute to this number as both businesses and consumers seeking to track the location and health of nearly everything — from shipments to vehicles to people and more. DP Access has relationships with AT&T and other firms for the invoicing of these devices allowing for the bundling of services.

Advanced Dashboard Monitoring

In former days businesses would own their own software and hardware and keeping it all on premises in data centers. It now appears technology leaders are finally embracing and harnessing the potential of cloud computing by beginning to move non-business critical applications to the cloud. The question today is now “How can management monitor something they no longer own?” Moving resources to the cloud can create significant visibility gaps over your infrastructure performance. The DP Access Advanced Monitoring System allows management for the monitoring of hybrid cloud infrastructures and best practices for ensuring delivery of applications and services in the cloud to better manage the expenditures in their ever-changing  technology environment.  

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Business Summary

The organization has made arrangements through various agreements to represent over 100 organizations while providing consolidated invoicing to customers. All services can be branded to organizations throughout the industry to protect customer base information and allow for brand identity. DP Access researched and developed (R&D) its software and dashboard over years of evolutionary experience. The outsource expense management services provides auditing, bill pay and Network Operations Centers

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